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Guangzhou International Travel Fair 2012 Rounded Off

On the afternoon of March 3rd, guided by the Guangdong Provincial Tourism Administration and Tourism Administration of Guangzhou Municipality, Guangzhou International Travel Fair 2012 (GITF 2012) organized by Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd. lowered its curtain at the Area C of China Import and Export Fair Complex. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, this year’s GITF has set a record in size since its inception in 1993. The 3-day fair attracted 658 exhibitors from 36 countries and regions as well as 80,000 visitors, covering a display area of 22,000 square meters, up by 15% in terms of area from last year.

The 20th event attracted influential exhibitor lineup home and abroad
GITF is a pioneering large international travel fair with the longest history in China. GITF 2012 has set many records over the past 20 years: the new fairground, the largest display area, the largest number of exhibitors and the most influential exhibitor lineup. The foreign tourism bureaus from Canada, America, Russia, Iceland, Iran and Britain all participated in this spectacular show for the first time. They, together with traditional exhibitors from such countries and regions as Turkey, Germany, Czech Republic, Guam, Brazil, France, Hungary, Austria, Nepal, the Philippines, India, Indonesia, China Macau, China Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, and Kenya, jointly built a grand stage for communication and display. The various tourism bureaus in Inner Mongolia, Beijing and Wuhan, and the tourism cooperation allicances including Guang-Shen-Zhu, Guang-Zhong-Jiang, Nan-Fan-Shun and Guang-Fo-Zhao also joined the show, set up stands with distinctive features, and promoted their respective special culture, enjoying this grand gathering with foreign exhibitors.

During the fair, the exhibitors reached cooperative agreements based on in-depth communication. Quite a few foreign exhibitors believe that GITF has developed into an indispensable and influential event for industrial communication and exchanges, and also another exhibition brand in Guangzhou open to the world.

The Guangzhou tourism market boomed with exotic flavor
In the professional hall, Canadian Tourism Commission, with a booth of over 200 square meters, joined hands with several provincial tourism administrations in Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec to share their exotic and interesting travel experience with the audience through pictures and written materials as well as on-site explanation. The appearance of the lovely cowboy “Harry the Horse” and the joyous performance of the fiddling group “Keister Family Fiddlers” became one of the highlights in the hall. Tapping the opportunity that the “20th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and South Korea” coincides with the Expo 2012 YEOSU South Korea, South Korean Tourism Organization showed up to support and promote various Korean ceremonial activities along with South Korean Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, Gangwon, Jeollanam-do, Jeonlabuk-do and Gyeongsangbuk-do as well as South Korean Association of Travel Agents. The Spanish Tourism Authority even invited several Spanish Michelin star chefs to China to bring a fascinating sensory experience. Vistiors are also attracted to such themed tours as “Leisurely Canada”, “Romatic Korea”, “Green Spain”, “The Happy Philippines” and “Charming Indonesia with Beautiful Islands”.

The public halls were still popular this year. Exhibitors created new marketing approaches to seize the business opportunity in the tourism market at the beginning of the year of dragon. Many tourism bureaus from other provinces such as Inner Mongolia, Beijing and Wuhan expanded their respective exhibition scale. They launched various long-distance trips at different pricing levels, making great efforts to create a new “south-north” travel experience in China. Moreover, the cooperation alliances in some nearby cities of Guangdong Province also made a highprofile presence. Two leading exhibitors, charming Guang-Shen-Zhu and Guang-Fo-Zhao City Union, became emerging tourism players by joining hands with Dongguan, Conghua, Heyuan, Huizhou, Zengcheng, Jiangmen, Meizhou, Nan-Fan-Shun Union and other tourism organizations. They offered discounts and mainly launched the “hot spring tour” and “spring outing tour” to raise the enthusiasm of Guangzhou citizens for traveling. Besides, during the fair, many tourism promotion meetings of Inner Mongolia, Wuhan and Qinghai Lake, were also held and the fabulous on-site art performances also well entertained people in Guangzhou.

In conjunction with the “Asia Hotel Forum & China Hotel Starlight Awards”, the organizer of GITF 2012 also set up Asia International Hotel Expo to attract high-end international brands like ASCOTT China and Interstate Hotels & Resorts Inc and make it one of the most influential brand events of the most professtional characteristics in the domestic hotel industry. In recent years, the global chain hotels have shifted their development focus to the Asian market. Undoubtedly, the Greater China is a region that is most likely to give them pleasant surprises. GITF will also spare not effort in advancing the new development of the hotel sector.

Professional organization wins thumbs up
This year the organizer made a special arrangement for the layout and visitor flow of the halls. The professional hall and public halls, controlled by the on-site updated access system and well-organized visitor planning and management, created a quiet and comfortable environment for B2B and B2C business negotiation. The person-in-charge for South Korea Tourism Organization booth said, “we are very satisfied with the on-site management of this fair. The organizer has well controlled the on-site visitors flow for professional hall and public halls, providing an ideal place for us to negotiate with buyers .” The exhibitors from Thailand and Sri Lanka also gave a positive comment on all aspects of the fair, and they would paid high attention to GITF next year.

In addition, the quality and attendance of professional buyers of GITF 2012 was also improved greatly. The organizer, in cooperation with two leading human resource outsourcing service companies – NanYou Foreign Service Co., Ltd. and Foreign Enterprises Service Branch of China International Intellectech Corp., invited the human resource and administration staff from such world-renowned enterprises as ABB, Hewlett Packard, Samsung, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, Johnson & Johnson, Carlsberg and Decathlon to visit the fair. These buyers are mainly responsible for their employees’ business trip and incentive travel arrangement. And GITF has provided an ideal platform for them to negotiate the procurement of tourism products.

During the fair, hundreds of media including China Central Television, Guangdong Television, Guangzhou Television, China Tourism News, Guangzhou Daily, Nanfang Daily, Southern Metropolis Daily and Yangcheng Evening News provided an in-depth coverage of the fair in an all-round manner, showing a wonderful and fascinating GITF 2012 all the way through. The organizer also joined hands with to set up a big Weibo screen on site for the first time, actively interacting with the audience who responded enthusiastically.

GITF 2013 is to be held in China Import and Export Fair Complex from March 1 to 3 next year.





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