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South China International Industry Fair 2021 to Create a Platform for Major Industry of Intelligent Manufacturing in the Greater Bay Area


To stimulate vitality of manufacturing innovation in southern China and build new industrial momentum for the Greater Bay Area (GBA), the South China International Industry Fair 2021 (SCIIF 2021), co-organized by Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd and Donghao Lansheng Shanghai Industry & Commerce Exhibition Co., Ltd., is to be held on 27-29 September in Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Bao’an New Hall).

As the leading industrial event in South China, SCIIF 2021 covers seven sectors of industrial automation, machine vision, laser technology, CNC machine tool and metalworking, robotics, new generation of IT and application and industrial Internet, attracting more than 1,000 manufacturers to present multiple products and technologies of intelligent manufacturing at global and domestic debuts.

Strong Joint-force of Three Major Manufacturing Brands
The rescheduled SCIIF after the COVID-19 pandemic at the end of July will keep its high-quality line-up in the exhibition. It is worth mentioning that SCIIF will join hands with two other important events in manufacturing, ELEXCON 2021 and the World Industrial Development Forum, to showcase all aspects of key links in upstream and downstream of manufacturing industry on a total exhibition area of 120,000 sqm, in an attempt to accelerate digital transformation of intelligent manufacturing and contribute to industrial development in southern China and GBA.

According to the organizers of SCIIF, Shenzhen manufacturing has become the core engine driving industrial development in GBA whose total industrial output for enterprises at a designated scale ranks the top among cities across the nation. This is where high-tech industry has become a primary pillar and creating a platform for major industry of intelligent manufacturing in GBA has always been the goal of SCIIF. As the result of joint-force of three major brands in the same place and at the same time, 100,000 professional participants are expected to be attracted to visit the show and make purchases.

Considerate, convenient and participant-friendly services will be provided to the best of organizers’ ability. To erase the insufficiency in last-mile transport service, SCIIF 2021 will provide shuttle bus service at the Tangwei and Fuyong Subway Station in Shenzhen and cooperate with local authorities in offering free tickets of bus and subway. During the exhibition from 27-29 September, visitors to SCIIF could get free transport tickets by their badges on the exhibition site to access subway service between the site and Tangwei/ Fuyong Subway Station.

Integrated Automation, Motion & Drivers SHENZHEN (IAMD SHENZHEN) located in Hall 4 and Hall 6. After 25 years of cultivation, it has been the most popular industrial automation show in South China. Marking the beginning of the 14th Five Year Plan, this year’s event further inflates the brand influence and enlarges the circle of friends by attracting multiple well-known domestic and overseas manufacturers to present intelligent and advanced technologies in an effort of promoting the development of advanced manufacturing in South China. Schmersal will debut its AZM150 electromagnetic safety lock on site; PBA Systems will stage its global premiere of PAS micro-calibration platform purposed for visual calibration proces; ITEM is to launch its refined low-cost automation assembly line for the first time in China; Kingview will make a national debut of KingSuperSCADA, its cross-platform monitoring software of whole configuration.

Reputable enterprises including Beckhoff, ORIENTAL Motor, Wieland, MISUMI, WAGO, Weidmüller, Bernstein, ELCO, Schmalz, CODESYS, Controlway, FATEK, Ginier, CHKO, DENSO, Yiheda, MOONS', Leadshine, FORCECON, SUPU, IAI, SATA, Jonstar, WORLD, DINKLE, YOUNGSUN, Keli motor, Mibbo, NBK, NB, TBI MOTION, UBC, PBA, WON, TAOZI, ZEDA, Ruan, HUACHENG, TURIN, Chelic, Suneast, SAIBO, Partner, F&C, AGV COBOT, UR, QLead, Red Lion, Uniorange, YAMAHA, AgileX, Augmented, CHANGREN, STAR, WCON, , Pi will bring to the public products and application solutions for industrial automation software, intelligent control system, human-machine interface device, hydrodynamic force, industrial communication and robotics.

Machine Vision Shenzhen (MVSZ) located in Hall 6. MVSZ 2021 will fully present 3D vision, industrial AI, measurement technology, vision inspection, deep learning, imaging processing, visual positioning, optic system and industrial/smart camera. The Imaging Source from Germany will globally debut its development kits for embedded vision that ensures rapid input into the embedded visual field; SMU plans to release for the first time its manually-operated image measuring instruments and fully automated image measuring instruments, along with the fully automated gantry-style imaging measurement tool.

As the organizer of MVSZ, the China Society of Image and Graphics (CSIG) and Hannover Milano will devote more resources into this show. CSIG National Academic Exchange on Advanced Visual Technology and Application, the authoritative conference in the field of machine vision in South China, will be held concurrently with MVSZ. Themed by “Visual Technology: Intelligence and Empowerment of New Infrastructure”, Prof. Dr. Jianhuang Lai, Director of Guangdong Key Laboratory of Information Security Technology, together with many other experts and leaders will attend the conference. Basler, Watrix, EHIWAY, Microview, OPT, SAMSUN, TIS, RICOH, Nikon, SCAPE, MARPOSS, Edmund, PIQS, SMD, MSTAR, CKVISION, Han’s C·Vision, CANRILL, Phenix, CHIOPT, POMEAS, DEHONG, Rsee, T-Xing, SSZN, MVOTEM, Unite, Sunvision, GCI, SuperLead, Langce, DeepVision, DEEPTECH, Chengli, HHWYTECH, RICHENG, HPG, FOCtek, BENOW, Greatwind, Tsing Bo, Spac, Imalligent, Yinghaoda, Sunsight, SmartAuto, Sangtong, COSMOSVISION, KCS will also appear at the exhibition.

LASERFAIR SHENZHEN located in Hall 8. This year’s show has newly added two exhibition areas of precision work and industrial Internet, which will present more scenario cases of laser technology integrated into intelligent manufacturing. Han's Laser, Hymson, Bodor, Deratech, Jiatai, Raycus, Max, Sunshine, Tianhong, Gweike, GZ Photonics, Empower, GW Laser, ZongJiu Daguang, Strong Laser, Tete Laser, Tecent, Foxconn, Huazhi, Optoman, will demonstrate the application and laser products related to automobile, 3C electronics, integrated circuits, semi-conductors, communication, medical treatment and energy from multiple aspects. It is worth mentioning that Space Holding Group will dismantle Tesla Model 3 to show unmanned vehicle is the top mobile smart hardware on the ground. It aims to help partners from the supply chain better understand the integrated application of AI, block chain, cloud computing, big data and 5G.

LMN World Laser Manufacturing Conference 2021, as a critical concurrent event of LASERFAIR, has been upgraded this year by presenting a fresh LOGO and the key vision that create an exclusive brand image. LMN 2021 also highlights its four core advantages, namely, “a team of top scientists, new level of global thinking, zero-distance for international audience and targeted matching with large markets” to demonstrate the high professionalism and industrial influence. Professor Gerard Mourou, Nobel Laureate 2018, will attend the conference online and deliver welcome remarks. More than 50 famous experts and representatives including Prof. Dr. Connie Chang-Hasnain, Member of US National Academy of Engineering, Prof. Dr. Yury Kulchin, Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences, Prof. Dr. Stefan Kaierle, Executive Director of Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V., Prof. Dr. Katsuhiro Ishii, Director of the Optical Society of Japan, Prof. Dr. Beat Neuenschwander, One of the Initiators of SWISSPHOTONICS, Prof. Jianhua Yao, Institute of Laser Advanced Manufacturing, Zhejiang University of Technology will discuss about cutting-edge issues and development trends in the laser industry such as 5G, new energy, smart automobiles, biomedical treatment and 3C products. The conference will be presented by global simultaneous live streaming in both Chinese and English.

Industrial Internet Show (IIS) and Information & Communication Technology Show (ICTS) located in Hall 4. Focusing on electronic information, manufacturing equipment, PCB, new materials and other specific industrial omni-scenarios together with the digital transition path for the whole chain, it aims to create a new ecosystem of industrial Internet for South China where the economy of GBA is interconnected with the help of a new generation of information technologies such as AR and 5G that could propel innovation in smart manufacturing. Tencent, Fii, HUAZHI, Gstarsoft, DASSAULT, New Core, Tengyi, Blacklake, Gizwits, Shang Ji, Yipu, Qinquan will present innovative achievements of industrial Internet so as to drive and lead business development and animate innovation.

In addition, organizers this year specifically plan an exhibition area of testing and measurement in Hall 4 covering 5 major sections, including testing and measurement instruments and meters, testing and measurement of automobiles, infrared thermal imaging, communication testing and measurement, and sensor measurement.

The concurrent ELEXCON Shenzhen International Electronics Show and Embedded System Exhibition in Hall 3, Hall 5 and Hall 7 will focus on displaying new products and solutions about 5G, IoT, edge AI, domestically produced chips, RISC-V, embedded system, TWS and wearables, SiP and advanced packaging, automatic driving and Internet of Vehicles, sharing recharging technology and the third generation of semiconductor under the theme of “An Intelligent World from here toward Intelligent Design, Advanced Packaging, Supply Chain Upgrading and an Ecosystem”. With an area of 60,000 sqm, more than 600 domestic and foreign high-quality exhibitors and over 20 summits and forums will create a carnival for Chinese electronic engineers and developers for embedded systems.

Under the guidance of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), China Federation of Industrial Economics (CFIE) and Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government, the World Industrial Development Forum initiated by the Federation of Shenzhen Industries has been successfully held for nine sessions as an open and international high-end forum. This year’s forum falls on 28 September under the theme of “Creating Highland for Digital Economy and Leading High-quality Development”. Yizhong Li, President of CFIE, Gang Zhang, Veteran Councilor from the State Council, executives from Huawei, Intell+If+Usion, Mindray, IK and other famous companies, along with experts and scholars will attend the forum. This event will pull together globally leading companies, recognized institutions, excellent leaders and frontier experts to discuss how quality development of digital economy, AI, Internet of Industry and big data could empower manufacturing, construct an industrial eco-chain, improve innovative service chain and accelerate quality economic development in leading industries with digital economy as mainstay while focusing on strategic emerging high-tech industries.

SCIIF 2021 will also provide visitors with special concurrent events for market segments including nearly 30 high-end summits, industrial forums and match-making.


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