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The SCIIF 2022 to Help the Manufacturing Enterprises “to Grow Rapidly in Shenzhen”


The South China International Industry Fair 2022 (SCIIF 2022) co-organized by Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd. and Donghao Lansheng Shanghai Industry & Commerce Exhibition Co., Ltd., will be held at Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Bao’an New Hall) from 14 -16 September. SCIIF 2022 covers eight sectors of industrial automation, machine vision, laser technology, CNC machine tools and metal processing, robots, new-generation information technology and application, industrial Internet and international circuit boards, and attracts plenty of industry leaders, “Technological Advanced Enterprises” and “Hidden Champions” to showcase their latest products, technologies and solutions from raw materials and production equipment to information technology and integrated manufacturing.

“2 Exhibitions & 1 Conference” to jointly promote the manufacturing industry in the Greater Bay Area to grow bigger and stronger
As a “comprehensive, in-depth, specialized and sophisticated” event for the industry, SCIIF 2022 will be held in autumn together with the 26th Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting Fair and the 16th World Industrial Development Forum. A brand-new structure of “2 Exhibitions & 1 Conference”, an exhibition area of 100,000 square meters, and thousands of exhibitors will help create a large platform for the upstream and downstream industrial chains of intelligent manufacturing for enterprises in the Greater Bay Area in the second half of the year, and provide new plans, new momentum and new opportunities for the majority of manufacturing enterprises to transform, upgrade and improve quality and efficiency through a linkage mode of “exhibitions + conferences” with “product displays in the front end, industry exchanges in the mid-end, and negotiations for procurement in the back end”.

In 2021, the total industrial output value of Shenzhen ranked first across China for three consecutive years, and the powerful manufacturing industry has become the foundation of Shenzhen’s economy. The organizers of SCIIF said that the efficient linkage of the “2 Exhibitions & 1 Conference” will give full play to the leading role of the exhibitions as an “economic booster”, and is expected to attract tens of thousands of professional visitors to visit and procure, so as to back up Shenzhen to create a new pattern for industry-based development, and promote the steady growth and quality of the local industrial economy by substantive actions.

After 25 years of cultivation, IAMD SHENZHEN has laid a solid industrial foundation and developed broad market demands, and has become a professional automation exhibition prevailing in the South China area. Brands including BECKHOFF, WAGO, Weidmueller, Bernstein, Mitsubishi, YAMAZEN, Schmersal, Yiheda, YOUNGSUN, Dobot, Leadshine, MOONS’, IAI, SUPU, Suzhou Yuankong, WellinTech, Orientalmotor, TBI MOTION, CHELIC, A&T, MotionG, ZONE, Haihou, ROBUSTMOTION, SPG, RS, YAKO, Hefa, RAYMOND AGV+, Comstar, CRK, Hitachi Solutions, YAMAHA, THK, CKD, PI, SATA will bring innovative products in areas including drive systems and components, mechanical infrastructure, induction technology, control systems, industrial computers and equipment, and industrial automation software.

In the meanwhile, the “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Sub-Competition of the 6th Benchmarking Lean Improvement Competition” along with the 2022 1st Low-Cost Intelligent Automation Exhibition in China will lead Chinese enterprises to observe face-to-face the theories, principles and works of the lean and low-cost improvement of automation, understand the essence of automation, plan for the introduction and implementation of low-cost automation blueprints, and finally achieve the progress from labor-saving to human resource-saving and money-saving.

Machine Vision Shenzhen has long been a preferred place for leaders of the machine vision industry to showcase in South China. In Machine Vision Shenzhen 2022, brands including KEYENCE, OPT, SMartMore, Microview, Huicui, SinceVision, Mega Phase, MITUTOYO、HANSWELL, HongKe, I-TEK, Richeng, HPG, MAGNITY, LWXD, New Machine, Tester, Newland and DexForce will comprehensively present products related to 3D vision, deep learning, embedded vision, visual inspection, industrial lenses, optical sources, and sensors. It is worth mentioning that SmartMore will launch two new products on the spot, namely the SMore ViMo intelligent industrial platform and the SMore ViScanner smart reader.

The “Intelligent Visual Perception and Detection Forum” jointly organized by the China Society of Image and Graphics and the organizers of the Machine Vision Shenzhen plans to invite experts and scholars in the field of machine vision to introduce the cutting-edge research of advanced visual perception and detection technologies, present the research status of related technologies at home and abroad, discuss the development of visual perception and detection technologies, and promote the innovation and development of related researches and applications in China.

With the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing technologies, there is an urgent need for a variety of visual sensing methods to obtain relevant data for processing, analysis and application, through technologies including intelligent detection. Multi-source visual sensing and intelligent detection are important research directions in this field. A variety of visual perception systems with high temporal and spatial resolution provide effective technical support for information acquisition for related researches. The research of advanced visual sensing and detection technologies is of great significance to discipline development, technological progress, industrial application and national security. Visual perception and detection technologies are closely related to industrial applications with a large quantity of applications and demands in areas including industrial production, aerospace, and civil-use and people's livelihood-related products. The continuously innovating and progressing visual perception and detection technologies are bound to be more closely related to the industry.

LASERFAIR SHENZHEN focuses on areas in the intelligent manufacturing of lasers and optoelectronics including laser production and processing technologies, photoelectron, optics and optical manufacturing, and test and measurement. LASERFAIR SHENZHEN 2022 will attract quantities of laser enterprises including AMADA, HAN'S LASER, Hymson, Sunshine Laser, YIFILASER, Strong Laser, Raycus, JCZ, SHINING CROCODILE, HANWEI LASER, MAX, Inte Laser, GZ PHOTONICS, GD LASER, CANTINI PRECISION, RUIDAACS, Relfar Intelligent, reci, Chonglee(K-LAB), FEIYUE LASER, KBF LASER, Anewbest, YINHU THE LASER, LEMAC LASER SOLUTION, Kelin, Zbtk, SYNTEC, HAN'S SCANNER, Ante, A&P Instrument, SUPERFAR, FEIBO, SPT, DK Laser, HZL LASER, GZTECH, WISDOM, JONSEN, CSK/ SoftServo, KING BAO, TECHMECH, HAMAMATSU, Caihuang, JIZHI, WEIHONG, MINA, Xinghong Photoelectric, HAILEI LASER, WELLDONE, Zmotion, FREDS, photonics, Yongli, WSX, bwt, Yihong, vivLaser, Gaote, Champion Optics, UKLASER, HY, Jingke, Maiman, VIASHO, LITONG, INLIGHT, Huizhiguang, KDCANIC, SME, HIGH SUN OPTICS, SUNNY, SHENGMINGWEI, lEVN, Shieldoptic, YAGCRYSTAL and Honglei.

As an important part of the LASERFAIR SHENZHEN, the LMN World Laser Manufacturing Conference 2022 has always adhered to its original intentions and put all efforts to build a global laser event based on the Greater Bay Area with a global perspective. The event of this year will maintain the consistent high-standard and high-quality, continue to deepen the four core advantages with the theme of “Intelligent Laser Manufacturing to Light Up the Future”, and invite well-known experts and delegates in the industry from countries including the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Japan and Belgium to focus on and discuss the new opportunities in the laser industry and the application of laser in micro and fine processing and cutting-edge technologies. On this basis, the organizers will also make great efforts to invite famous economists to help laser enterprises keep abreast of the trend of macroeconomic development and seize the opportunities to take up the market. The event will be broadcast live simultaneously in both Chinese and English to the world, presenting a wonderful collision of thinking for the participants.

At the TPCA Show-Shenzhen co-organized by the Taiwan Printed Circuit Association and Hunan Printed Circuit Association, leaders of the PCB industry are going to showcase their representative highlight products, including Caiz Optronics, Takisawa, Ta Liang Technology, Utechzone, Daidalos Enterprise, Tachikawa Digital, BoardStone Intelligence, Taili Electric, GHTech, Zhongchen Industrial, Cheon Western Copper, Jiangnan New Material, Keqiang New Material, Banglida, Cybernet, Zhihesheng Electric, and Weilvda. The PCB Advanced Trends Seminar held meanwhile will discuss the opportunities and challenges of hot topics in the industry including the digital interconnection of electronic vehicles, automotive PCB materials, demands in the PCB design of electric vehicles, IC packaging carrier technologies, product and market development, 5G high-frequency and high-speed copper clad laminates, and 5G high-frequency and high-speed materials.

In addition, the Test and Measurement Exhibition specially planned by the organizers along with the Guangdong Instrument and Control Society will cover six sections including general testing instruments, infrared technologies and applications, automobile testing instruments, communication testing instruments, measuring instruments and sensor measurements. Plenty of enterprises will participate in the Exhibition, including Guide Sensmart, GW Instek, APM Technologies, Pintech, Toprie, ETCR, and Jingceyun.

Meanwhile, the 26th Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting Fair will be held in Shenzhen for the first time. With the strong strength and rich resources arising from taking root in the industry over the past 35 years, the Essen Welding & Cutting Fair has become a brand exhibition in the welding industry. Plenty of well-known enterprises have signed up to participate in the Fair, including Panasonic Tangshan, Jasic, Yaskawa Shougang, Megmeet, Han’s Laser, Kuka, Fanuc, Siasun, GSK, Qianjiang Robot, Chaifu, HIT Welding, ATLANTIC, Fronius, and Donrun. At the same time, the organizers will also invite domestic and foreign guests in areas including machinery manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, oil pipelines, vessels and ships, and aerospace to visit and negotiate.

The World Industrial Development Forum is an open, international high-end forum founded by the Federation of Shenzhen Industries, and instructed by institutions including the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, China Federation of Industrial Economics, and the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government. The Forum will be held on 15 September with the theme of “Steady Growth based on the N+1 Policy System for Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality, and Green Economic Development to Create the Future”, and invite government experts, well-known scholars, outstanding entrepreneurs, media representatives and heads of leading enterprises in the field of electric vehicles, including CATL, Tesla, BYD, Sunwoda and BTR. The Forum will focus on strengthening the control on the total amount and intensity of energy consumption, encourage to vigorously develop new energies, focus on high-tech industries of new energy, jointly discuss the sustainable development in the context of achieving the goals of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, build a sustainable industrial ecological chain, improve the green financial service chain, and speed up the realization of carbon peak.

Meanwhile, SCIIF 2022 will also provide exclusive supporting activities of niche markets in the application and industry for visitors, including more than 20 high-end summits, industry forums and supply-demand matchmaking meetings, such as the comparison show between Tesla battery and China-made batteries and the experience area of driver-less driving, the Production Line Automation and Application of Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Forum, key technologies and applications of the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry, and the World Test and Measurement Conference.


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