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Chengdu Motor Show 2022 to unveil the curtain on August 26


The 25th Chengdu Motor Show (CDMS), jointly sponsored by Chengdu Municipal People’s Government and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), Automotive Industry Committee, and co-organized by Global Century Exhibition & Travel Group, Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd. and CCPIT Sichuan Committee, will be held at Western China International Expo City from August 26 to September 4 this year. The event will be the first A-class auto show held as scheduled in 2022, attracting 128 domestic and foreign auto brands from Germany, USA, France, Japan, Korea, together with joint-ventures and self-owned brands. CDMS 2022 will display about 1600 vehicles on a total area of 200,000 square meters. According to the schedule, 26 August will be the Media Day, 27-28 August will be the Trade Day, and 29 August to 4 September will be the Public Day.

Joint efforts to accelerate the high-quality development of the industry
With the new theme of “Enjoying Chengdu • Promoting Industry • Stabilizing Economy • Seizing Future” and the new guiding principles of “Promoting Industry • Stabilizing Economy”, the organizing committee of CDMS focuses on the strategic layout of the city, follows the trend of industrial transformation, pursues the high-quality development planning of the industrial chain, and promotes the further upgrading of Chengdu’s auto industry. CDMS 2022 will also fully leverage its market advantages to release the consumption potential, promote economic growth, and contribute to the development of Chengdu’s auto industry and the recovery of consumption.

In line with the “ecological” development philosophy featuring integration, sharing, mutual promotion and win-win results, the organizing committee will co-sponsor a high-standard auto forum with the local auto industry base. The China Automotive Pioneer Forum 2022 will be grandly held on the first day of CDMS 2022. With the theme of “Building a New Auto Ecosystem • Gathering in Chengdu”, the forum will invite industry celebrities to gather in Chengdu and discuss the development trend of the auto industry and the high-quality development plan of the industrial chain. They will also share their insights into the reform of the auto industry from various perspectives, and offer suggestions for building a new and prosperous auto industry ecosystem.

Taking multi-pronged measures to restore consumer confidence
With the slow recovery of the auto industry economy, CDMS 2022, as a barometer of the auto industry in the central and western part of China, will take multi-pronged measures to organize various consumption promotion activities and thus help to stabilize and improve the economy.

Amid all-round efforts to boost the market consumption, the organizing committee of CDMS 2022 cooperates with auto brands and manufacturers to offer preferential price all over the year. Besides combining the “government-enterprise” preferential plans to benefit the consumers, the organizing committee will also launch activities such as new car test driving and cash-back lottery for car purchase. Together with the policies for halving the purchase tax and other subsidies, new vitality will be injected into consumption, greatly benefit the consumers, and comprehensively promote the recovery of the auto consumption market.

NEV brands usher in the“year of booming development”
With the surge of market sales and penetration, new energy has undoubtedly emerged as the hottest topic in the auto industry this year. At the CDMS 2022, the proportion of new energy brands hits a new high, spreading over two pavilions and reflecting the boom of the new energy vehicle (NEV) market. New energy brands of “emerging carmakers” such as NIO, Xpeng, Li Auto, IM, ZEEKR, HiPhi, ARCFOX, YOVAH, AVATR, AITO, shalong-auto, Mustang Mach-E, DENZA, neta, Rising Auto, LeapMotor, AION, ORA, Livan Auto, HYCAN, and Dayun Auto, as well as traditional carmakers will show their specialities and bring many new models.

BYD, which ranks among the Fortune 500 list, will greatly expand its booth area this year and bring new models, including BYD Frigate 07 making the debut, BYD Seal riding on the newest e-platform 3.0 and the CTB technology, the four-wheel drive (4WD) hybrid Tang DM-p and the Han EV Qianshancui limited edition. L9, the new launch of ONE, will be also displayed. As a flag-ship full size SUV, L9 brings safety, convenience and comfort to every family. On the first day of CDMS 2022, Alpha-S and the “Little Prince” edition Alpha-T under Arcfox will also make their national debut. Shalong-auto attending CDMS for the first time, will launch the world’s first high-performance mecha sports car - Shalong Mecha Dragon and several other new models. LeapMotor C01 will make its debut. GAC AION will hold a national launch conference for the 2023 Aion V Plus.

Taking on a new look, the second-floor exhibition area leads the luxury trend
In accordance with the Covid-19 prevention policies of the government and the exhibition hall, CDMS 2022 specially devotes Hall 7, 8 and 12 on the second floor of the exhibition area to luxury cars. Super-luxury brands, such as Maserati、Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Lorinser and luxury car brands including Lexus, Lincoln, Infiniti, Genesis will be present to bring the audience a close-distance luxury experience. Lamborghini will debut Urus Performante in the Asia-Pacific region. The long-awaited, all-new Lincoln Navigator will be unveiled at the show. Infiniti QX55, the brand’s first coupe SUV, will be officially launched to the market with its 2.0TVC-turbo.

Dongfeng Honda, also at the 2nd floor exhibition area, will unveil Civic Hybrid HEV equipped with a 2.0-liter hybrid power system and better specific fuel consumption (SFC). The fifth-generation Kia Sportage, also known as the lion platinum extension, will officially start its pre-sale. GAC Motor Emkoo will release the pre-sale price.

Self-owned / joint-venture brands engage in fierce competition
Amid the boom of NEVs, traditional carmakers, mainly including self-owned brands and joint-venture brands, accelerate the process of electrification, intellectualization and digitization, and also keep launching new models based on the market needs and user habits. In July this year, the retail sales of self-owned brands reached 850,000, with a year-on-year increase of 34%. The retail sales of major joint-venture brands totaled 740,000, with a year-on-year increase of 10%. The steady growth of sales data shows that the traditional carmakers are still maintaining a dominant position in the auto consumption market.

Traditional auto brands, such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Jaguar Land Rover, Volvo, Geely, Changan, SAIC, Chery and Great Wall will bring new models to CDMS 2022. BMW M240i, BMW 3-Series standard-wheelbase mid-term variant, BMW 3-Series long-wheelbase mid-term variant, Mini 3-Door JCW limited edition and other new models will be officially launched. Mercedes-Benz will bring its entire brand and 26 models to the site, with the new EQE leading the way and a diverse product sequence of seven blockbuster models. Audi will bring the new Audi Q4 e-tron and Audi SQ5 sportback. SAIC Volkswagen Teramont X will make its debut. Changan Shenlan SL03 will offer a mobility experience beyond the imagination of science and technology. Haval, GWM, WEY, ORA and Tank under Great Wall Motor will bring a series of flagship models.

Seizing the future and enjoying brand-new digital experience
To further facilitate the development of digital consumption and respond to the digital trend of “focusing on building new digital consumption scenarios, improving the digital consumption and supply, as well as developing and diversifying consumption patterns” in Chengdu, CDMS will cooperate with Nonos World to release the first exclusive digital collection of CDMS in Hangzhou International Digital Trading Center through Alibaba Auction, thus empowering the brand exhibition with digital marketing and boosting the development of new digital economy.

In addition, CDMS 2022 will organize a trendy camping exhibition area for the first time this year. By organizing the exhibition events for the trendy camping series, CDMS is devoted to creating an exhibition cluster for auto, science and technology, fashion and entertainment, highlighting the personalized life of various groups in the new era.

Effective Covid-19 prevention and control to escort the auto show
As the first A-class auto show held in China this year, CDMS 2022 will further upgrade the Covid-19 prevention and control measures based on the current Covid-19 prevention and control work in a stricter way. According to the national, provincial and municipal requirements, personnel who comes to Sichuan from Hainan, Xinjiang and Tibet shall receive the nucleic acid test once every day during the three-day period, and personnel from low-risk areas of other provinces under normalized Covid-19 prevention and control shall be tested immediately after entering Sichuan. To ensure a safe and good exhibition experience, exhibitors, visitors and media workers shall hold a 48-hour negative nucleic acid test report, and follow the Covid-19 prevention and control procedures, including real-name health certification, temperature measurement, palm disinfection, infrared temperature measurement, site disinfection and peak flow restriction. To strictly control the density of personnel, CDMS 2022 will adopt online booking and invite target consumers who want to buy cars. Besides accurately controlling the number of personnel present, CDMS 2022 also limits the number of visitors in real time to ensure the safety. During the exhibition, all exhibitors, visitors and media workers must wear masks and maintain a safe distance of 1 meter. Disposable disinfectants are available to ensure the safe exhibition experience.


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