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Trade Fairs in China
  • World Health Expo

    4.7-4.10 2024

    medical care, health care, medical equipment, medical consumables, raw materials, biochemical pharmaceuticals, traditional Chinese medicine products

    Wuhan China

  • Chengdu International Industry Fair

    4.24-4.26 2024

    Metalworking and CNC Machine Tool, Advanced Material, Energy - Saving &

    Chengdu China


    5.16-5.18 2024

    National/Region Travel Organizations and Tourist Association; Travel Agencies; Hotel, Hotel Group and Holiday Camps; Tourism Attractions such as Theme Parks, Resorts & Golf Courses; Airlines; Coach, Car Rental and Railways Companies

    Guangzhou China

  • International Fastener Show China

    5.22-5.24 2024


    Shanghai China


    5.28-5.30 2024

    Carpets/rugs, Textile and Resilient Floor Coverings, Wood Flooring, Yarns and Textiles, Natural Stone, Ceramic Tiles, Adhesives and Substrate Preparation

    Shanghai China

  • LET-a CeMAT ASIA event

    5.29-5.31 2024

    Entire systems for material handling technology, warehouse technology, logistics; Packaging and ordering picking equipment; Warhousing technology and workshop equipment; Mechanical handling, Logistics services and outsourcing, Intralogistics-Systems

    Guangzhou China


    6.19-6.21 2024

    Intelligent laser manufacturing, Laser making equipment and components, Photoelectric technology, Intelligent manufacturing equipment, etc.

    Shenzhen China

  • South China International Industry Fair

    6.19-6.21 2024

    Metalworking and CNC Machine Tool, Laser Technology, Advanced Material, Energy - Saving &Industrial Accessory, Industrial Automation, Industrial Robots, Machine Vision, Digital Factory, Information & Communication Technology.

    Shenzhen China

  • Machine Vision Shenzhen

    6.19-6.21 2024

    3D Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Camera, Deep Learning, Visual Inspection and other related application solutions

    Shenzhen China

  • Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives SHENZHEN

    6.19-6.21 2024

    Electrical Systems, Industrial Automation IT & Software, Production and Process Automation, Robotics

    Shenzhen China


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